28 Feb 2017

USD/CAD: Buy Stop Signal

By on 04:08

USD/CAD Current price: 1.3189

Yesterday we saw 1.3080 level on Loonie that indicates a sell position to 1.3000 level but it was wrong actually it make a beautiful Bullish candle on the D1 chart that indicates a good Bullish signal for coming days.So today I share Loonie trade setup with youOne thing my signal are not 100% perfect so always use stop loss that I share with you. I recommend you take 1.5% risks per trade.
Buy @ 1.3200
TP :      1.3400
SL :       1.3150
( You can lose more than your initial deposit, for safety of equity alway use stop loss & Don't risk more than 1.5% of equity )

No doubt loonie is on strong resistance level, In other words, its mean it has also chanced to come support level. But according to my analysis, I am pretty sure it will break this level and goes to
Upward.Today also USA GDP  data will release and may its actual result will be positive.


  1. Please mension date and time (gmt) at the time of signal