3 Mar 2017

AUD/USD: Sell Stop Signal

By on 03:47

AUD/USD Current price: 0.7570

The day before yesterday we saw aud/usd on 0.7743 level which is strong resistance level but unfortunately, its fail to break and back to sell momentum, So today I share aud/usd trade setup with you. One thing my signal are not 100% perfect so always use stop loss that I share with you. I recommend you take 1.5% risks per trade.
Sell @ 0.7545
TP:    0.7387
SL:    0.7649
( You can lose more than your initial deposit, for safety of equity alway use stop loss & Don't risk more than 1.5% of equity)

Its daily chart of  Aussie, You can saw yesterday bearish candle that shows sell trend starts from strong resistance level which is 0.7743. I draw Elliott wave currently market on the way of wave 3 it may go short buy but we can see soon Aussie on Support level back.


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