29 Mar 2017

GBP/USD: Sell Stop Signal

By on 00:39
GBP/USD Current price: 1.2447

Recently, Cable has been trading upwards when last USD interest rate release we saw a positive move then the next day MPC Official Bank Rate Votes data that shows a 1-0-8 its mean 1 of them wants to increase interest rate and respectively cable test 1.26 Level. So Today I share bearish trade setup with you and keep this in your mind today Uk president trigger the article 50 and she sent a letter to European union council so might again we saw a big drop in the cable.And my signal is not 100% perfect so always use stop loss that I share with you. I recommend you take 1.5% risks per trade. 

Sell@  1.2433
TP:      1.2218
SL:     1.2557

( You can lose more than your initial deposit, for safety of equity alway use stop loss & Don't risk more than 1.5% of equity

Use Elliott theory on H4 chart. It's completed an upward Elliot wave and now in correction after completed wave C, then we focus on new downward Elliot wave.


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