14 Mar 2017

XAU/USD: Sell Stop Signal

By on 03:02

XAU/USD Current price: 1202

Recently, Gold has been trading downwards. Today I share bearish trade setup with you and keep this in your mind this week may USD interest rate hike and may USD goes strong.And my signal is not 100% perfect so always use stop loss that I share with you. I recommend you take 1.5% risks per trade. Janet Yellen, has indicated that interest rates are likely to be increased on March 15th. So get ready for bearish move in Gold

Sell@  1200
TP:      1180
SL:     1215

( You can lose more than your initial deposit, for safety of equity alway use stop loss & Don't risk more than 1.5% of equity)

Use Elliott wave, Market did correction of wave 4 and way to completed wave 5.


  1. where can i get elliot wave indicator?

    1. Better you can learn first and draw by yourself