4 Apr 2017

EUR/JPY: Buy Stop Signal

By on 00:43
EUR/JPY Current Price: 118.319

Recently, EUR/JPY has been trading downward from 112.879 level which is strong resistance level, today its  test 118.000 level and now its on support level we quite sure now this pair make some correction and after crossing 119.000 we quite sure for buy.And my signal is not 100% perfect so always use stop loss that I share with you. I recommend you take 1.5% risks per trade. 

BUY@ 118.600
TP:      120.000
SL:       117.683   

( You can lose more than your initial deposit, for safety of equity alway use stop loss & Don't risk more than 1.5% of equity)

Elliott theory perfectly completed wave 5 now its correction mode, soon its completed the next three correction waves and might new elliott pattern will start.


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